Natural Building Materials

Using Natural Building Materials in Home Construction

Naturel Building MaterialThe construction of buildings is always an intervention in nature. The structure seals part of the lot, energy and raw materials are used and at the end of the building’s life span materials have to be disposed of. The use of natural building materials reduces the impact home construction imposes on our environment, and increases the over-all health and well-being of the occupants.

It’s important to take into account the availability, energy use (embodied energy) and recyclability of building products when constructing or renovating a home. In addition, materials should be selected so that during and after processing there are no harmful effects. Dust, off-gassing and radiation have a significant impact on health and comfort, but often exist in conventional building products. Natural building materials offer significant benefits to both our ecosystem and long-term health.


Wood Home Construction

PFLANZENWood grows forever, we can use it sustainably. The wood forest simultaneously produces oxygen, while protecting the soil and providing clean water, habitat for animals and plants and human recreation. Wood is durable, adaptable, attractive and practical and wood products are well worth their price. More …

clay is a natural building material

Clay Finishes

Clay absorbs excess moisture very rapidly from the air and releases it again when needed. Clay stores heat and is able to absorb pollutants while possessing a preservative effect on wood. Newly developed techniques in clay building technology and materials in recent years has resulted in renewed interest in this material. More …

natural insulation from natural sources

Natural Insulation Materials

Natural insulation materials are considered safe when properly installed, can store and release moisture and prevent mold. Natural insulation materials are largely CO2-neutral, easy to recycle and come from renewable sources. More …

beeswax is a natural finish used in homes

Natural Finishes for your Home

Waxes, oils and clay are three popular natural finishes that preserve a healthy indoor environment. A new age of solvent-free waxes are now available. More …

clay tile roofing and green roofs are a natural building method used by Pacific Timberworks

Natural Roofing Choices

Clay tile roofs give long-lasting service while green roofs offer many benefits to the comfort of occupants. Combining photovoltaic elements with roofing materials gives another dimension to natural, green roof choices. More …