Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction for Healthier Living

New technologies are constantly evolving to enhance and complement current practices in creating greener, eco-sensitive structures. But the common objective remains that green or sustainable buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the indoor environment on human health and the natural environment by:

The efficient use of water, energy and materials.
and protecting the health of occupants.
waste, pollution and negative environmental impact.

“Modern man spend about 90% of their lifetime indoors.”

According to the history and biology of modern human beings, we have been living in a completely different world for the past 80 years.  Increasingly, we have been surrounding ourselves with and consuming products that are altered with synthetic and/or polluted substances.

Our ancestors only spent about 20% of their lives indoor, but these dwellings were mainly created from natural materials. Modern man however spends about 90% of its lifetime indoors, most of which are built with questionable and contaminated building materials and these structures are also hermetically sealed.