Environmentally Friendly Heating Systems

Environmentally friendly heating systemsToday, everyone can heat their home in an environmentally friendly way without fossil fuels. A heating system based on renewable energy can be cost-saving and is good for the environment.

The technologies that use renewable energy sources like biomass, water, soil, air and sun to generate heat have become highly efficient and easy to use. Wood pellet heating systems, heat pumps and solar energy systems are available for anyone who wants to be independent of fluctuating gas and oil prices.

During fall and spring geothermal energy and solar energy systems can be sufficient for heating and hot water for the shower. In well insulated, air-tight houses a geothermal heat pump can provide sufficient heat for the entire winter.



IG_Wärmepumpe_heizen-kühlen_v1_NEUHeat Pump

Heat from a heat pump is not produced by the burning of fuel, but by the compression of a cooling agent. This compression produces the required temperature of the heating system. Read More


Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are modern and environmentally friendly heating systems. They work similar to gas and oil heaters, but instead of fossil fuels they burn wood, a renewable resource. Read More


SolarSolar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal energy is easily explained: everyone who has used a hose in the summer knows that principle. The hose lies in the full sun, the water in the hose heats up and after a short period of time, becomes hot. Read More


Mikro-Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgerät - Einfach, aber funktional / Micro Combined Heat And Power System - Simple yet functionalCogeneration System

Cogeneration systems produce both heat and electrical energy and are based on the principle of combining electrical power generation with the production of usable heat. Read More


WALL HEATING 1Wall Heating System

Heating panels are often covered with clay plaster, since clay supports the positive properties of heating panels in an ideal way. Read More