Electricity in Modern Homes

solar panels on a green roofUsing sustainable electricity generation in modern homes through photovoltaic technology reduces our reliance on fossil fuels as do using simple energy saving LED’s lights and fixtures.  Other considerations exist as well;  reducing the hazards of electrosmog by installing Smart Disconnect switches in bedrooms and high traffic rooms in the home.




photovoilticModern solar-energy electricity generation is based on the photovoltaic effect, which was discovered by the French physicist Alexander Edmond Bequerel in the 19th century. However, it was not until the 20th century that it could be explained by physicists, such as Albert Einstein. Read More


LED Lighting

led-light-bulbs-2The history of LED lighting (LED = Light Emitting Diode) began with the discovery of the physical effects of electroluminescence by the Englishman Henry Joseph Round in 1907, but it was not until 1962 that the first industrially manufactured LED lights came onto the market. At the beginning of the 1970s LED lights were available in a variety of colours (red, yellow, green, orange). White LED lights first became available in 1997. Read More


Smart Disconnect Switch

black-power-button_21098053A single-family house contains several hundred meters of electrical cable. Circuits are fed from a central electrical panel board, where the AC voltage is 120 Volts (throughout North America). This system ensures that electrical energy is available at any time. Read More


Electromagnetic pollution

IMG00144-20110409-1317We live in an electrified world. A day without electricity no longer seems possible but the conveniences requiring it have a downside. Increasingly, the negative side effects or electrosmog is a concern. Electrosmog, is the sum of man-made, electrical and electromagnetic fields affecting the environment. This can include power lines, mobile communications, radio waves, radar, computer monitors and simple household appliances. Read More