Building Technology

Sustainable Building Technology for Tomorrow’s Homes


Sustainable construction from Pacific Timberworks aims to reduce the environmental impact of a building over its entire lifetime, while optimizing aspects like its health and comfort as well as economic viability of its occupants.

“Technology affects our lives today – and the lives of our children will depend on it even more.”

200559949-001Wood along with high technology will be the essential components in the energy efficient home of tomorrow. Two numbers say it all: More than 42% of energy consumed is for buildings and 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings.

Wood is not only the most important building material used in Pacific Timberworks Homes, but also a renewable and carbon dioxide-absorbing resource. Combined with alternative insulating materials from renewable sources and innovative building technology it is an answer to the requirements of future house construction. A heat pump with an integrated system for living space ventilation enables the residents to reduce or even eliminate fossil fuel needs. A highly efficient in-roof photovoltaic system feeds a powerful battery in the house; the electronic house manager controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning and any excess power is available for e-mobility.

The best Answer to increasing Energy Costs

The utilities management system described above enables a Pacific Timberworks Home to generate its own energy supply, thereby reducing the ever-increasing energy costs to zero.

The latest construction technologies are described on the following pages.

Building envelope in energy efficient homes makes for a comfortable living environment

Building Envelope

Pro clima is one of the world leaders in air-tightness and vapor control. Pro clima’s intelligent membranes provide maximum drying potential to high performance enclosure assemblies – protecting roofs and walls structure with active moisture management while optimizing the thermal insulations’ effectiveness. More …

Heating your home

Environmentally-friendly Heating for the Home

The technologies that use renewable energy sources like biomass, water, soil, air and sun to generate heat have become highly efficient and easy to use. Wood pellet heating systems, heat pumps and solar energy systems are available for anyone who wants to be independent of fluctuating gas and oil prices. More …



To ensure that enough high quality drinking water will be available in the future, drinking water must be saved and substituted where possible. Economically sensible methods are, for example, water-saving faucets, rain water infiltration on private properties, and green roofs. More …

photovoltaic panels on clay tile roof


Using photovoltaic technology to power homes sustainably, reducing the hazards of electrosmog, installing Smart Disconnect switches and the use of energy saving LED’s are all part of using sustainable construction technologies. More …
More …