The Ecological Benefits of Using Wood

140648330-150x150The trees for a Pacific Timberworks project grow in local, sustainable, managed forests and there is only as much harvest as we can re grow so the vital forest ecosystem is preserved for future generations.

Today, more then ever before, we have to understand and accept nature as a partner and live in harmony with her.  Wood is not only a product, every tree is a producer of oxygen, health and regeneration.

Construction with solid wood saves the environment from unnecessary burdens and we reap the benefits.  During manufacturing, construction and maintenance, wood requires a lot less energy than steel and concrete .
Timber construction actually reduces CO2 emissions by locking up the carbon that the wood traps during the growing cycle and as a result is a contributor to climate protection.  Combining the ecological aspects of wood as a construction material with the unique design advantages creates a living structure of incomparable value.

Points to ponder:

  • Building with wood is energy efficient.
  • It has an exceptionally high thermal insulation value that saves energy
  • Wood is comfortable.
 Wood “breathes” so it provides a comfortable and healthy living environment with cleaner, more pleasant interior air.
  • Wood feels nice.
 It touches the senses, it’s alive, warm and breathable.
  • Wood is inspiring. 
It provides plenty of design and architectural flexibility in your floor plan and facade.
  • Wood is economical.
 Couple the lower cost of the structural materials with thorough planning and an efficient prefabrication process to reduce construction time and there is nothing that compares.
  • Wood is reassuring
. Due to the multi-shell construction, the noise characteristics are positively
  • Wood is safe.
 Solid wooden buildings, in regards to fire protection in the building code, are as reliable as
any typically built house.
  • Wood is durable.
 A properly maintained wooden building will provide you an almost unlimited life span.

These benefits are becoming increasingly important for our society.
Environmentally friendly buildings will sell themselves better in the future as architects, builders and investors are characterized as making a responsible choice.

Those who build with wood, build for the future.