Building Biology

Building Biology

Building Biology is the study of the holistic relationship between humans and their living environment.

According to the history and biology of modern human beings, we have been living in a completely different world for the past 80 years.  Increasingly, we have been surrounding ourselves with and consuming products that are altered with synthetic and/or polluted substances.

Our ancestors only spent about 20% of their lives indoor, but these dwellings were mainly created from natural materials. Modern man however spends about 90% of its life time indoors, most of which are built with questionable and contaminated building materials and these structures are also hermetically sealed.


140648330-150x150The trees for a Pacific Timberworks project grow in local, sustainable, managed forests and there is only as much harvest as we can re grow so the vital forest ecosystem is preserved for future generations. Read More




According to a representative survey, happiness, for most Canadians, is based on their own health and that of their family. A lot of attention is paid to balanced nutrition, exercise, safe cars and creating healthy living spaces.

There are many arguments for the construction of a wooden house. The two most crucial reasons for you and your family should be health and quality of life. Read More



IMG_2338At Pacific Timberworks we believe quality of life begins at home. As pioneers in timber house construction we’ve dedicated ourselves to build the home you’ve always dreamed of.  Superior design, advanced pre-fabricated construction, sustainable materials free from hazardous substances and the use of renewable sources of energy come together to create a home as individual as you. A home that is efficient, affordable, and beautiful. The perfect, natural, healthy environment. Read More